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Christmas Closing and Production Dates

Last Hunters drop off date for Christmas closure is 7 December if you would like your processing done prior to Christmas. We are open again to receive drop off’s 9 January and freight forwards can be organised with us from the 13 January 2019. Between 20 December and 9 January our freezer/chillers will be unavailable. 

Happy and safe hunting.

Please ring us on 07 552 0013 or email if you have any questions. 



Nick and Kelly Fox


Basecamp manufactures Salamis and Smoked products from all wild and small farmed animals.  Including venison, pork, chamois, tahr, wallaby, goat, rabbit, hare, alpaca and sheep. 

GAME BIRDS: Mallard, Paradise duck, swan, turkey, goose, peacock, emu & ostrich.


Basecamp’s products are all hand-made and traditionally smoked. We do not use any salami pre-mixes.  For 25 years Basecamp has used their own recipes and selected spices making their salamis top-shelf quality.  All our smoked products are gluten,dairy and soy free.

You need a minimum 15 kg of lean, clean meat. Freeze down, pack in a polystyrene bin or chili bin and courier or bring in to 504a Lockington Road, RD4, Katikati.
For large quantities of meat, we suggest you bring it in to us.

Whole carcasses can be hung in the Hunter’s chiller at Basecamp. The price of carcass breakdown includes meat cuts (back steaks, chops etc)

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 7.30am – 4pm
Drop-off and pick up after hours by arrangement ph 027 276 1896

Courier Information:

  • We offer a $50 nation wide round trip courier deal with Fastway Couriers or PBT couriers. Use a polystyrene bin (can get one from the supermarket) or a small to medium size chili bin. The weight per chili bin must be a maximum of 20kg. Please do not exceed this weight.
  • Please ring the office before sending so we can lodge the freight forward.                Phone 07 552 0013.
  • Your salamis and small goods will be couriered back to you in your chilly bin and the invoice will be inside.
  • 7 day payment required.



Please print out and complete the Hunters Manufacturing Sheet and send it in with the meat.

Regular customers: Please note, the bank account details has changed.

PRODUCTS & PRICES all prices + gst


minimum order 15 kg  (choose 2 flavours)

$10 each
$10 each
$10 each
$10 each
$12 each



Smoked Salami Sausage $12.00/kg (wet weight)

Varieties: Chili, Garlic, Wild Game

minimum order 5 kg


Biersticks $12.00/kg (wet weight)

Varieties: Pepperoni or Garlic

minimum order 5 kg


BBQ sausages $6.00/kg

minimum order 5kg

2013 Taste Farmers Market Award winner

Gluten Free $8.00/kg

minimum order 5 kg


Patties $8.00/kg

Vacuum packed in 8’s (1 kg)

minimum order 5 kg


Pork – product made from wild pig includes ham, bacon, sausage and bacon bones.


There are other products available : Bacon Ham , Smoked venison smoked game birds. etc Please ask.


Keep Basecamp salamis in the fridge leaving the cut end open.  It can be wrapped in paper to prevent it being spoiled by moisture in the fridge.  If the salami becomes ‘sticky’ or develops a mold, wipe it off and re-dry. The natural casing is porous allowing the salami to lose moisture and naturally age.

When you have had a quantity of salamis made, we recommend freezing the extras.  To freeze, wrap in clingfilm. When defrosting, unwrap the salami and hang in the kitchen for 24 hours to dry.

Basecamp Salamis can also be air-dried.  Hang a salami in a well aerated dry place, not a pantry and preferably the kitchen where you can see it.  The low fat content of Basecamp salamis means the salami has a shorter drying time.

Smoked Sausage and Biersticks are vacuum packed and can be frozen. (if moisture occurs in the bag, the product can be taken out and air-dried.)

Basecamp is listed as a Homekill/Recreational Catch Service Provider with MAF. The products we manufacture for you are not for re-sale and are for you, your fellow hunters and your family’s consumption only.




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