General Questions

Question: What is the casing of the salamis made of?
Answer: The salamis are made in a natural porous collagen casing.

Question: What is the best way to store the salamis?
Answer: Refrigerate salamis wrapped in paper only. Basecamp salamis can also be hung to dry.  Choose a well aerated dry place.   Please refer to ‘Care & Storage’ for more details.

Question: Can I take salamis overseas?
Answer: Most countries will allow salamis through customs with documentation.  However Australia does NOT allow salamis to be taken into the country.

Questions from Hunters

Question: Do you make salamis from duck?
Answer: Yes. We use a special mincer plate for duck meat. We also have a mix of spices called ‘Bird Mix’ which we recommend as complementary to duck meat.

Question: Can I drop meat off after hours?
Answer: Yes. Please ring to arrange a drop off. Phone 07 552 0013 or 027 276 1896.

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