Care & Storage of Basecamp Salamis

                  CARE & STORAGE of BASECAMP SALAMIS


Keep Basecamp salamis in the fridge leaving the cut end open. They can be wrapped in paper to prevent moisture from other fridge contents spoiling it. Salamis are made in a natural porous casing allowing the salami to lose moisture and dry.  If the atmosphere that the salami is stored in is too damp a natural mold can cover the casing.

Basecamp salamis can also be air-dried. Hang the salami, in a well aerated dry place, not a pantry and preferably the kitchen. It is important to check your salami to see if it remains in good condition.  Any natural mold that occurs due to moisture in the air, can be wiped off. If the atmosphere is too damp it is recommended to refrigerate the salami.

Basecamp salamis can be frozen wrapped in cling film. When defrosting, unwrap the salami and hang in the kitchen for 24 hrs.  It can also be sliced  or cut into chunks and frozen.

Basecamp salamis have a low fat content compared to most other salamis which have a fat content of 60% or more. Air drying will therefore take a shorter time.  It is recommended to hang the salami for two to three weeks and no longer than six.

Hunters : when buying a quantity of salamis, it is best to wrap and freeze the remainder until you need them.

All other vacuum-packed goods must be refrigerated.   They can also be frozen.

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